Black History Month Exhibition 2018

This year, to celebrate Black History month, the children at De Beauvoir focused on art from around the world. Each year group focused on a particular on an art form traditionally associated with black culture.

Nursery looked at the Anansi story and created their own handprint pictures. Year 1 looked at the patterns and colours used by the Ndebele people on their houses and clothing. They then created their own Ndebele inspired village. Year 2 printed their own fabric and did weaving traditionally seen in Kente cloth from Ghana. Year 3 created their own aboriginal artwork using pointillism. Year 4 created their own pictures based on molas art seen in cloth and pictures from Panama. Year 5 created their own Tinga Tinga paintings looking at the patterns and choosing very bright colours to celebrate this form of art. Year 6 focused on Yinka Shonibara, a British-Nigerian artist living in the Hackney, and created their own dots to represent their own identity.


To celebrate the beautiful artwork, we had an exhibition with parents and carers. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work towards an amazing Black History Month exhibition this evening. Thank you also to Ms Elliot for organising it so well!