Lockdown Procedure

Lockdown Policy and Procedure

On very rare occasions it may be necessary to seal the school so that it cannot be entered. This is known as a ‘lockdown’. A lockdown will only take place to protect pupils, staff and visitors from potential risks such as chemical spillage, serious weather conditions or attempted access by an unauthorised person intent on causing harm/damage.

Communication with parents

If a lockdown takes place, parents / carers will be notified as soon as possible by text and a message will be placed on the school website.

Parents will be told:

‘..the school is in a full lockdown situation. During this period the switchboard and

entrances will be un-manned, external doors locked and nobody allowed in or out…’

Pupils will not be released to parents during a lockdown. Depending on the type of incident, parents may be asked not to collect their children from school at home time as it may put them and their child at risk.

Parents will be asked not to phone the school during a lockdown as this may prevent full contact with the emergency services.

If the end of day is extended due to a lockdown, parents will be notified and will receive information about the time and place pupils can be picked up.

A letter to parents will be sent home on the nearest possible day following any serious incident to inform parents of the context of a lockdown and to encourage parents to reinforce with their children the importance of following procedures in these very rare circumstances.

Lockdown Procedure