Online Safety

Teaching children to keep themselves safe online is an important part of our job as a school. However it is just as important that parents are aware of the dangers and ensure their children are safe at home. There are a huge range of devices in the home which connect to the internet, from smart phones and computers to televisions and games consoles.

Remember – Internet Service Providers (such as Virgin, BT, Sky and PlusNet) all have parental controls which you need to ‘switch on’ – just contact your provider, or take a look at these videos here.

Some discussion points:

  • Always speak to your child about the games they are playing online and about anyone they may talk to.
  • Make sure you understand what your children are doing when they are on a computer or games console – remember many games consoles such as the PlayStation and X Box are online – and games can receive messages.
  • Remember, messages are often instant and permanent – even if they delete messages they could still be saved by the other person.

The Child Net Website – which has lots of helpful explanations and tips to make your home safer!

Get Safe Online covers many different aspects of security – including online banking and identity theft as well as how you can keep children safe!

For children – let them have a play with the Think U Know website.