Snow / Severe Weather Arrangements

Snow / Severe Weather Arrangements

In the event of snow or severe bad weather we will endeavour to make decisions about school closure by 7.30am.

If it is necessary to close the school, we will send a text to all parents for whom we have a mobile phone number. If you do not receive text messages from the school, please contact the school office to provide an up to date mobile phone number.

We will inform parents and carers of any closures on the school website, notifying you of closures in the ‘news’ section.

We will inform the local authority of any closures.

In the event of heavy snow fall during the school day, resulting in concern about children’s safety and welfare when returning home, we will text or phone parents / carers requesting immediate collection and update the school website.

The weather can be unpredictable, however we aim to communicate with parents and carers as swiftly as we can. Any decisions that are taken will be made with your child’s safety at the forefront of our minds.

Please note that if the school is closed, after school clubs and play centre will also be closed.