In-Year Admissions

In-year admissions are applications made for school places not covered by the reception class intake and Year Six transfer to secondary school in September each year.

If you have come to live in Hackney and would like to apply for a place at De Beauvoir you must complete an in year application form.

Making an In-Year Application

Complete an in-year application form

Include the preferred school for your child to attend on the form

Send the completed form to the Hackney Learning Trust Admissions Team

Together with a copy of your passport or birth certificate and a proof of address

You can get the form from:

The In-Year Admissions Team

Tel: 020 8820 7397/7398


If you are moving to Hackney as a new arrival to the UK, you can not apply until you are resident in the borough, you must come to the Hackney Learning Trust office with the child/children to complete the application form and provide identification as well as proof of address. For those families returning to the UK, having previously lived in Hackney, you can apply up to six weeks before arrival.

Please note that if you are applying for a school transfer, it may take up to 20 school days to process your application.

In-Year Applications from Overseas

Normally, parents wishing to make an in year application for their child cannot do so until their child is a resident in the United Kingdom. However, Local Authorities will accept applications from parents with a right of abode if they can provide evidence that they are planning a return/arrival to the United Kingdom.

Hackney Learning Trust will accept an application up to 6 weeks before their anticipated arrival date. Satisfactory evidence will need to be provided. Places not taken up by the agreed date will not be held open. Please contact Hackney Learning trust for details.