At De Beauvoir Primary School we have high expectations of the children and know that good behaviour is essential in order for children to have positive relationships with others, be successful and achieve highly at school. We actively teach routines and specific behaviours for learning, help pupils to sustain these and teach them how to build successful relationships with peers and adults.

We use ‘Stay On Green’ at De Beauvoir Primary School. ‘Stay on Green’ is a behaviour management system which ensures that pupils who regularly respond to expectations are noticed and rewarded. The system also encourages children to identify when their behaviour is not acceptable and gives them opportunities to turn poor choices around. We believe that it is important for children to develop their sense of responsibility for their behaviour and their understanding that they choose how to behave and have the power to turn situations around.

‘Stay on Green’ is a restorative approach, which means that we support all pupils to repair / rebuild mistakes and poor choices, focusing on positive rather than negative actions.

Another benefit of ‘Stay on Green’ is that it enables teachers to manage behaviour quickly without losing the flow of, or focus on, learning.

To read our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy please click here