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This year, De Beauvoir Primary School have redesigned our topics to create an Excellence Curriculum. Each theme balances knowledge and skills from history, geography, art, DT, science and English, creating a curriculum that is rooted in the science of learning. The themes are centred around a key question and use a Hook Day to engage the children from the outset. Key texts have been chosen to link English to the topics, as children learn best when connections can be made across their learning. Knowledge organisers and a focus on curriculum skills ensure progress can be seen across half termly topics.

Autumn 2 Topic Themes – Recent History

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‘What toys did people play with in the past?’

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The Great Fire of London

‘How did the fire spread?’


The Tudors

‘Were the Tudors that terrible?

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The Victorians

‘What was it like for children in Victorian Britain?’


The Space Race

‘Space Travel – what’s next?’

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World War II

‘How did WW2 change Hackney?’

Curriculum newsletters outlining the learning for each year group can be found below:

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