English: Reading / Phonics


Our vision is that every child should gain the skills and experiences which
create confident, independent readers. Reading is key to success across the curriculum, helping children to improve their language and vocabulary, stimulating imagination and giving pupils the opportunity to find out more about the world. Pupils should be confident readers so that they actively read for pleasure and enjoyment.


In Key Stage 1, we follow the Read Write Inc Phonics Programme for the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics and reading. Every child has a daily 45 minute phonics session which combines the learning of discrete sounds with reading and writing activities which help pupils to apply and embed their learning.

Once pupils have mastered phonics, usually during Year 2, they start learning in Destination Reader groups. Destination Reader is a structured approach to the teaching of reading. The approach involves daily sessions which incorporate whole class modelling, prior to pupils applying these skills through partner work and independent reading. Children deepen their understanding of the texts they read through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems.

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