Look at the amazing writing in KS2

Year 3 described Woolly Mammoths and flint knapping as part of their learning in the Stone Age topic. Year 4 have been learning about the...


Look at the amazing writing in KS1!

Year 1 have been doing amazing writing as part of their Toys topic. They have been learning about the book Traction Man and using this to write their...


Year 1 look at Our World for Autumn 1!

As part of our new curriculum, whilst Year 2-6 have been exploring World History, Year 1 have been exploring Our World History by sharing some of...


Excellence Curriculum has landed!

As part of De Beauvoir's new Excellence Curriculum, the whole school has been focussing on World History. We've had Year 2 mummifying a body in...


Making a Child Friendly Hackney Exhibition

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hackney visited Year 5's incredible exhibition yesterday. This is one of the photos exhibited, taken by Edith. See...

Message from the Head Teacher

Welcome to our school website. We hope that it answers any questions that you have about the school. Please let us know if there is any content you would like us to add to the site.

Rebecca Mackenzie Head Teacher

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frequently asked questions

  • 1. At what age should I register my child for Nursery?

    You can register when your child reaches the age of 2 and a half years old.

  • 2. Where do I go to register my child for reception?

    You will need to contact the Learning Trust on 0208 820 7000.

  • 3. On what day can I purchase school uniform and pay for school lunches?

    School lunches can be purchased every day at the main office school dinners are £2 per day £10 per week

    Uniform is sold directly from the school on a Monday and Wednesday from 3.15 to 4.30pm. Alternatively you may order uniform by downloading the order form. This form should be returned to school with payment, either cash or cheque made payable to De Beauvoir Primary School. The order will be filled and sent home with your child within the week. Uniform will also be sold from school on open days and parent consultation evenings. New addmison can buy unfiorm on thir admisison meeting or beofre they start school


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We work in partnership as a multiple teaching school alliance to deliver Initial Teacher Training, CPD, talent management and outreach to other schools – all to ensure the greatest impact on our children.