At De Beauvoir, we hold four whole school assemblies per week and one class assembly.

Monday: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Assembly 

  • These are held each Monday at 3:10pm and are led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • They are reflective and meaningful and are usually linked to the school’s PSHE scheme of work.
  • They focus on moral, ethical or philosophical issues and important events that fall within the year.

Tuesday: Class Sharing Assembly

  • Class assemblies are an opportunity for each class to show parents / carers and the rest of the school their learning and to develop their performance skills!
  • These assemblies take place on a Tuesday. Please see the school calendar for dates that each class will present their assembly.

Wednesday: Singing / Music Assembly

  • Singing / music assemblies take place each Wednesday and are led by the school’s talented and tuneful teaching staff.
  • Children are taught to sing age appropriate songs.

Thursday: Class Reflection Assembly

  • These assemblies are held within individual classes on a Thursday.
  • The themes for each class reflection assembly are linked to the weekly whole school SMSC theme.
  • Each class reflection ends with a reflective period where children bow their head or close their eyes to think about the issues / themes / morals discussed.

Friday: Celebration Assembly

  • Celebration Assemblies take place on Fridays at 3:00pm.
  • Celebration assemblies reinforce the school’s ethos of celebrating success and reward appropriate choices and high achievement.
  • Certificates are awarded to pupils for significant effort in literacy and mathematics and for consistently ‘green’ behaviour.
  • Birthdays are also celebrated.
  • A ‘Best Attendance’ and ‘Best Punctuality’ trophy are awarded to the classes with the highest attendance/ punctuality for that week. Every pupil who has had 100% attendance during the week is identified and congratulated.